The Tented Palace 

Step inside our majestic heated TENTED PALACE and be transported to the exotic Far East! The Tented Palace complex is one of the largest to be assembled in the north of England for a theatrical performance, and is one of the stars of the show! 

An expansive 50m stage inside the big top 

The Grand Theatre is an enormous royal-blue big top measuring 54m (177ft) across and 23m (75ft) high. Normally it would house an audience of 2,500 but with social-distancing we can accommodate 976 in spacious luxury. Inside, audiences will find an extensive stage spanning 50m which will comprise an impressive Palace façade, stunning projected scenery and magical special effects, as well as full theatrical lighting and sound. 

Socially distanced spacious luxury 

The seating will be in socially-distanced pods of 3, 4, 5 or 6 seats available in four price bands (link to tickets page). Due to Covid guidelines and the complexity this creates for seating, we are unable to offer all combinations in all price bands, and we have a minimum purchase of 2 tickets. 
There are four blocks of seating in the stalls, on the flat, and four blocks of tiered seating behind the stalls. All seats are comfortably cushioned. 

Carpeted grand foyer with food and drinks 

The heated Tented Palace complex also incorporates a connecting 48m (157ft) x 18m (59ft) spacious, carpeted Grand Foyer with a fully-licensed bar, as well as festive theatre food stalls.  
In addition there are toilet tents housing socially-distanced portaloos. 
There will be a garden area outside the Tented Palace. 
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